Winter Tire FAQs

Winter Tires FAQ
What’s my tire size?
All vehicles require different tire sizes based on their year, make and model. The right tire size for your vehicle can be found on the inside of the driver’s door on a sticker, by consulting your owner’s manual or simply looking on the sidewall of your current tires. Note that many tire sizes, smaller or bigger, can be compatible with your vehicle. Allow our tire experts to review tire and rim options, details and pricing, and find the right tire for your vehicle.  Please contact us or visit us with your vehicle today!
Tire Size

Did you know that all-season tires start to get cold and hard at just 7° C? As it continues to get colder, your tires will lose more grip and flexibility. At -15° C, the tires will have lost all their elasticity. Compared to winter tires, they will only harden at around -40° C. Unlike all-season tires, winter tires have a different rubber compound allowing them to stay flexible and a narrower tire tread to prevent snow buildup, which give you superior traction, better braking and improved handling. Snow tires will keep you and your family safe during the unpredictable winter road condition.

When you have two sets of tires for summer and winter, you can have them mounted on their own rims or have them on the same rims. Keep in mind that if your tires are already mounted on wheels, you don’t need to remount them at each seasonal tire change-over; meaning it is more economical in the long run to have both sets of tires on their own set of rims.

When the temperature drops below 7° C, that is the best time to change over to winter tires because your all-season tires are already starting to lose their grip on the road. Book your appointment today!

We service all makes and models. Our highly trained and certified technicians have years of experience. Plus, we offer Wi-Fi, complimentary coffee and water, comfortable waiting area, free shuttle service, local valet service (vehicle pick-up and drop-off) at no charge, and online tire store and service appointment booking.

There are two options: you can store them yourself at home or we can conveniently store your all-season tires at the dealership. See ‘Service Specials’ for tire storage fee. Please know that if you purchase a new set of 4 winter tires, we will store your all-season tires free of charge for the first season till spring.